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Humanism in Queensland began in an organised form in 1968 when the Rationalist Society changed its’ name to the Humanist Society of Queensland (HSQ). We have been campaigning for forty years on issues where religious views interfere with human rights.

HSQ’s first President, Victor Lloyd co-ordinated the society’s policies on civil marriage celebrants and abortion law reform. HSQ founded the Vasectomy Information Service and The Sex Counselling Service. Vic Lloyd managed the State campaign in the Defence of Government Schools (DOGS) case.

Our members have been active in the formation of special interest groups such as Children by Choice and Death with Dignity. To this day humanists work alongside religious people within these groups to challenge legislation where religious views influence public policy. HSQ was also active in the early days of Queensland’s LBGT rights movement. We were the first community group to campaign for the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

We continue the project started by the early members of HSQ, in our campaign for a society where all people are free to practise their faith, change it or not have one. Religious belief should be a private matter, it should not be privileged by government as this can result in policies which are unjust and discriminatory.

We continue to support issues such as abortion law reform and equal marriage rights however the main focus of our campaign work is to achieve a secular public education system in Queensland.

The Federal funding of the National Schools Chaplaincy Scheme (NSCP) clearly demonstrates that our Government seems set on increasing religious involvement in public life regardless of whether people want it or not. Only by secularising our public institutions, such as State schools, can we ensure that no religious ideology dominates and discriminates against others whether they be religious or non-religious.


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